Our Technology


Test Enhancement: Solid cancer cells in patient tissue samples extracted by biopsy. The common technique we use today we improve by:

Efficient minimal tissue sample (0.45mm3), which can be low quality/ degraded, resulting in maximum data from multiple biomarkers from one sample. Opportunity to add new biomarkers as they are discovered.

Cost and time savings via an objective numerical result, no pathologist interpretation required, control included.

Faster results and less steps.


Test Innovation: A highly sensitive liquid biopsy (blood test) in development:

Globally affordable via non-invasive blood test.

Improved survival rate via very early detection.

Personalised as tests detect and profile multiple cancer types using objective digital results, enabling application of the best cancer therapy for individual patients.

Cancer lifecycle monitoring throughout therapy by ongoing blood testing to ensure treatment efficacy and to detect relapses.

Teviplex Technology

TEVIPLEX technology captures and detects extracellular vesicles (EVs), also known as Exosomes, these nano-size cell particles shed into body fluids. These appear at earlier stages of cancer (pre tumour) and contain a cell’s portrait to cover more biomarkers; proteins, DNA and RNA. This enables a higher sensitivity to detection of cancer as it first develops.

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