Creating Athletes as Brands.

Sports Media is where today’s athletes thrive and pursue their dreams. Tandem Sports Agency is 100% committed to putting our athletes right at the top of the media tree.

Tandem Sports is a Sports Media Management agency based in the UK, South Africa and Mainland Europe, providing media management to professional athletes. Working in the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

An athlete is far more than just his performance and results. Personal branding and large active social media platforms are an intrinsic part of the brand puzzle.

Potential sponsors will look to an athlete’s platforms as a first port of call to see whether they will get a good return on their potential Investments

We believe in developing and showcasing those platforms with the strength of each athlete’s identity and abilities.

In today’s fast paced sporting world, it is imperative that athletes engage with their growing communities of followers, for the benefit of their sponsors, teams and of course themselves for their long-term financial futures..

We deliver a modern and digital platform for each athlete to achieve brand recognition and move onto becoming influential marketers for brands and organisations.

We are 100% committed to putting brands and athletes together in tandem for the long-term benefit of each other. A seem-less trouble-free solution to creating a successful personal brand.

Sports Media Services

Creating exciting viewing experiences for fans and public to have excellent fan engagement platforms through our Sports Media services.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the future, creating and targeting marketing content for organisations provides insights and the brand awareness needed.

Social Media & PR

We specialise in creating innovative PR and Social Media programs designed to increase coverage and exposure for partners.

Creative Design

We challenge the norm when creating web and design solutions that ultimately improve commercial viability for athletes, brands, events and organisations.

Merchandise Rights

We provide platforms to create and distribute merchandise for our athletes creating further revenue streams and brand exposure.

Commercial Activation

Creating opportunities to develop the athlete’s brand and match it up to brands is a critical part of the commercial activation of our clients.

Sponsorship Rights

Tandem Sports has a database of sponsors available for athletes. Searching, targeting, matching and securing sponsorship rights for athletes is a key component of our commercial program.

Sponsor Activation

Securing the sponsorship isn’t enough for Tandem Sports, we activate the sponsorship options to ensure sponsors and partners achieve more than expected and an effective ROI.

Advertising Rights

Our athletes are designed to be influential marketers, using the athletes to maximise brands advertising spend.

Commercial Management

Tandem Sports is 100% committed to putting brands and athletes together in tandem for the long-term benefit of each other.

Commercial Rights

We specialise in creating commercial rights for athletes, maximising the returns for both parties. We create innovative commercial strategies designed so both parties can develop long-term working relationships and successful returns.

Wealth Management

We develop and action financial planning to provide the best long-term wealth solutions or athletes including looking forward to successful post-career options.

Contract Negotiations

If required, we work with athletes to manage their contract negotiations with their respective employers or source new avenues for new contacts through our networks.

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