About Us

We are passionate about using our expertise to catch many types of cancer early via new more sensitive tests based on molecular pathology. We created Applied Biotech in 2019 to start manufacturing our innovative cancer tests and to develop a full range of tests based on RNA.

Dr Shawn Baldacchino PhD, Chief Technology Officer

A qualified biomedical scientist specialising in the fields of Cytogenetics & Cellular Pathology. Shawn completed his Ph.D at the Department of Pathology, University of Malta where he co-invented INNOPLEX technology and identified a new therapeutic subgroup of breast cancer that is eligible for treatment with repurposed drugs. Shawn has published new molecular methods for diagnosing leukaemia and breast cancer.  In his post-doctorate project he developed an innovative sensitive method for early cancer detection and cancer screening. He is an experienced healthcare scientist with a special interest in molecular pathology and liquid biopsy research.

Khaled Yassine, CEO and Co-founder

Graduated in medical laboratory science and a quality control manager for the Malta blood transfusion centre. Sold medical products for the Cherubino company building an extensive network of medical buyers across Europe and the Middle East. 

Andrea Rubino, COO & Co-founder

After studying Economics and International Business Management, Andrea’s experience spans financial consultancy, business planning & intelligence, data protection, content marketing and sales. He has recent medical device digital media experience. 


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