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DIY Upholstery Cleaning

Before I start I must stress that this advice is given in good faith and based on cleaning over 5000 suites but any cleaning carried out by you, is at your own risk.

Right now, how to DIY clean your sofa.

1.What material is it, are there any labels ?

Materials which contain viscose, velvet are likely to cause problems.

Faux suede can delaminate if made too wet or too aggressive cleaning is carried out.

2.Is it wet cleanable ? Some fabrics say dry clean only, although many are wet cleanable.

3.Are the colours 'fast' ?

You can try this by putting a sample of the cleaning product you are to use onto a clean white cloth. Press the liquid in contact with an inconspicuous area of the fabric. Apply high finger pressure for 10 seconds and inspect cloth. If there is no colour transfer then you should be O.K to clean it.

4.Has the fabric watermarked when you have had spillages ?

If you know that it is wet cleanable, has not watermarked and the colours are fast, then you should be able to clean using a proprietary cleaner.

It is always better to use a spray and something like a microfibre cloth and clean white towel. Spray cleaner onto the cloth, work in gently with microfibre cloth and then remove the dirt by rubbing gently with the white towel.

When no more dirt is coming off onto the towel, repeat the process.

I would avoid any of the oxi products as these are likely to contain bleaching agents .

Do not over wet the upholstery , it is better to clean 3 - 4 times with little water , than to soak the fabric.

We believe the best product available is Carpet Spotter  which is also an excellent upholstery cleaner.